One Year.Countless Achievements.

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An RN talking to a little boy.
Co-CEOs Gene Woods and Jim Skogsbergh
“Are our communities better off because of us coming together, because of our combination? That answer must be ‘yes’ — that’s the driving force behind our pledges. That’s the reason for all the work. That’s the reason for making the organization continually stronger and uncovering things that we can only do because we’re together.”

Our Pledges

These six pledges represent where Advocate Health can have a significant impact given our newfound scale and complementary strengths – this is where “better together” comes to life.

Elevate Clinical Preeminence and Safety

We will deliver top-rated health outcomes and be the most trusted choice for care.

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Advance Health Equity

We will disrupt the root causes of health inequities.

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Improve Affordability

We will make care more affordable and accessible to our underserved patients.

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Build Next Generation Workforce

We will create new jobs and enhance career opportunities for our teammates.

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Accelerate Learning and Discovery

We will advance the science of medicine to better care for our patients.

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Lead Environmental Sustainability

We will achieve net zero carbon to protect the Earth for future generations.

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Integration Highlights

We are bold in our belief that scale is essential to success.


Initiatives Launched

More than 1.2K initiatives launched totaling nearly $1B in savings.


Saved in 2023

We are on track to save $150M by year end, far exceeding our 2023 goal of $60M.

Nurse helping a boy with a tourniquet
Download The Full Annual Report

Community & Social Impact

We are proud to be the leader among top health systems in the country for the level of community benefit we provide.

In 2022, we set a new record for community benefit – $5.9B, which is more than 20% of our operating expenses, continuing to demonstrate that our commitment to community is hardwired into our organization.

Academic Core

We are leading the way in medical education and pioneering research for a healthier future.

Health Equity Through Alzheimer's Research

Our commitment to advancing health equity plays an integral role in our mission and is reflected in our programs and services, and most certainly in our research.

More Insights. More Innovation.

Wake Forest University School of Medicine currently directs the education of nearly 2K students, residents and fellows, including physicians, scientists and allied clinical professionals.

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

To be true to our goal of preparing the next generation of health care leaders, we're teaching them to balance science with compassion, and we're providing opportunities that matter in the real world.

Attracting Students from Coast to Coast

The 145 students in our MD Class of 2027 reflect diversity:

  • 39% from North Carolina
  • 61% from outside the state
  • Ages 21 to 36
  • 7% first-generation college grads
  • More than one-third from diverse backgrounds

Nursing-Led Initiatives & Programs

Nursing plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, quality improvement and patient satisfaction across our enterprise.

Hypertension Equity Initiative

The Midwest Health Equity Council established a unique nursing care model, combining technology and interprofessional teamwork, to aid Black and Hispanic individuals with hypertension in achieving controlled blood pressure. They enrolled more than 450 patients, achieving high engagement rates, particularly when nurses engaged with patients in community interactions.

Central Line Success

Atrium Health’s Virtual Critical Care partnered with one critical care site to reduce central line infections through a proactive quality improvement approach, resulting in zero infections and almost $100K in cost savings, with potential for expanded implementation.

Our DEI Strategy

Our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy is anchored in delivering safe, consistent and equitable health outcomes and experiences for all of the patients and communities we serve.

An enterprise platform for on-demand learning with 10 categories, 34 topics and more than 80 learning resources covering anti-racism, cultural humility, hidden biases, aging in the workplace and more. We launched this in August.

Who We Are series, a centralized and inclusive platform to recognize and celebrate our cultural and heritage observances. In 2023, we hosted nine sessions, with 2.3K+ live views.

Six-week Diversity Certificate Program, which enhances cultural competencies and increases DEI awareness. More than 100 teammates participated.

Nurse helping a boy with a tourniquet

Culture & Teammate Recognition

In 2023, we established the Culture Coalition, an assembly of leaders dedicated to defining our unified Advocate Health culture framework.

As we continue building our Advocate Health culture, listening to our teammates and acting on their feedback is the linchpin to being a best place to work. Our Anniversary Survey, a key tool in fortifying that connection, has been offered throughout our enterprise as of August.

Our Achievements Are Vast

Our advancements are multilayered, and these highlights barely scratch the surface of Advocate Health’s progress, innovation and impact in 2023.

For the full picture, check out the key areas in this chart, where you’ll learn more about our integration successes, you’ll find out which hospital has a farm on its property, and, if you dig deep enough, you’ll discover how fish skin is helping to prevent amputations. Click "View" to jump to a specific topic in the report.

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